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Everything you could possibly want to know about Tigers but nothing about the Tiger King. Sabertooths, tiger attacks, terrorizing an entire town and much more.

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We talk to Michael Dey, owner of Weenies and Fatties Restaurants which specialize in the wildest hot dog combinations you can imagine and more. Explore the value of Michael's unapologetic "branding" and success in an increasingly health-conscious world.

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The Beasts of Winter. The Yeti, Wendigo the cannibal, Aklut, Polar Man, Icelandic elves, Rimthurs, Bigfoot, The Devil's footprints in the UK and NJ and much much more.  Intro music from If Thousands and Polar Man Theme sang by BobbyJo Sanchez.

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We get back together and hear about Bryan's tale-telling trip to France, the North Pond Hermit, Mysterious Explosions in RI, Sharks and much much more.

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Rock n roll, strange apparitions, spring time tales and much more.

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We discuss some creepy tales about twins.  The Crazy Serbs, The Jims, the Silent Twins, The Nazi and the Jew and some interesting analysis on these tales.

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We barely scratcht the surface of Texas tales.  UFOs, Donkey Lady, Headless Horseman, Hauntings, 10-2-4 Ranch, Cowboy Coffee, Galverston and much much more.

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Back after almost a year.  Witches, Looose Cats, Haunted Houses, Irish Ghost, Bigfoot Prints, Scientists create paranormal, New Jersey, East St. Louis and much much more.

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Checking in from Hurricane Sandy in NJ.  Visit http://www.sandynjrelieffund.org

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We explain our hiatus.  Gene's town was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Irene and Bryan has a big annoucement.  What is next for Hometown Tales.

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The car/boar, what type of car would Hometown Tales be and many other tales of cars.

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The towns that made them, the first one, Germany, VW, Porche, Flying Car, Bad cars, Ford, the DeLorean, Ireland and NJ and much more.

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Catching up on Tales from around the world as well as just some personal tales of jaw operations & crazy things. Registering vampires, life on another planet, strange big sea creature, woman sacrifices kid, scary blond ghost in Ohio and more.

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Some of the most famous Haunted Bars including White Horse Tavern, Ancient English Ruins, Morristown's famous haunt, Haunted New Jersey, Maggies, Cranberry Inn, Publick House, Absinthe House, St Annes Pub Witch, Devil's Inn and much more

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The world is always ending, the core of the earth is melting, Holzminden Germany bomb hits house, Giant snake escaping, Looking for someone to eat in the Czech, falling poodle, hole in Basking Ridge, NJ and much more

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Discussing some of your town's strangest tales another pointless chupacabra, dead birds,  Skullbone Tennessee,  Alien Airport in France, fluoride in the water and other government craziness.

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