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Everything you could possibly want to know about Tigers but nothing about the Tiger King. Sabertooths, tiger attacks, terrorizing an entire town and much more.

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We are back and recording with only a wall between us. UFOlogy is back and better than ever, mummies, the Blood Bridge & crytbaby bridges of Ohio, being dull is not trendy, Thrashers fries and food of Ocean City Maryland & Gene's expertise on the Brady Bunch

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Intro music by If Thousands. We cover smoking cessation, vertigo and other pandemic ills. Wild lab animals are wreaking havoc in India. The dark history of these United States and how long it went on. Plus greasy food and other internet scams.

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The bizarre tales and strange origins of our favorite Nursery Rhymes

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The ghost monster that keeps you safe from the rona, Bloody Mary, the Hookerman, Alien caves, Sargel 18s portal, the flat earth and much more

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We are all mutants but yet some are better than others. The Finish Olympic skier that really was a mutant. Is Usain Bolt? Lance Armstrong wanted to be. Nuclear mutants do exist so do stomach of steel, breakless bones, sleepless people & more

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