Hometown Tales Podcast
Tales of L.A. inlcuding the Jane Mansfield's curse, Cal Worthington and his dog Spot, the Alien at the Olympics, Old haunted horse-drawn carriage, Lon Cheney's ghost on the bench, Barnsdall's body eaten by dogs, CIA Movie Studio and much more
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After a lengthy abscence, we are back and mostly catching up on a lot of your tales plus some news on the UFO behind the space shuttle and more.
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News updates on the intersex fish, dead man travel, witchdoctor benefits and more. Plus we get into our theme Movies curses - The Excorcist, Poltergeist, Superman, MacBeth but what about Different Strokes
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What are we talking about, we started with some animal attacking news and some mystery beast and then somehow got into wrestling, an awesome new contest from Bryan, Gene's next week of work, chinese food and much more.
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