Hometown Tales Podcast
A special guest co-host this week while Bryan tale-finds in Michigan. Columnist Kevin Cahillane joins in with tales on the elves in Iceland, Haunted House in Ireland, Goat Man in MD, Hairy Man in TX, Grass Circles in NC, Cemetary Doll House in AL, and more.
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A complicated podcast this week from a remote location and a mishceivous child in the backgroud- UFOs called again, proof of bigfoot and chupacabre, vampire drugging kids, holy spirit found under church, Harry Potter death, marfa ghost lights and more.
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This week a snake baggin' festival in PA, mass sheep suicide, Jack the Ripper theories, bigfoot webcam, an island lost treasure for sale, some hauntings including a listeners creepy child's ghost, tree circles, Loch Ness insurance, famous gravestones, Cambodian zombies and more.
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Sponsored by Haunted New Jersey. This week killer bees in AK, gnomes in NY, haunted library in IN, Jesus tree and Devil tree, deer attacks, iPod shuffle giveaway and a lot of listener mail.
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